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  1. Registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis and will not be accepted without payment.

  2. Verbal confirmation will be given upon receipt of payment only. 

  3. A $35.00 administration fee will apply for any returned cheques.

  4. Cancelled prior to class starting are subjected to a $35.00 fee. 

Additional $35 will be applied if cancelation is taking place after the class has been closed as "Full."  

 5. In any case of cancellation the $45 membership fee are non refundable.

No refunds once sessions are started.

  6. A $20 fee will be charged for changing classes after session beginning. 

  7. We do not provide make up classes or drop in classes. No Refunds or make up classes for absenteeism.

  8. In any case of illness, you or your child, stay at home as much as possible to limit spreading of the illness with club members who are not sick. 

    Call 519-777-5208 to inform us about your status.

  9. Classes cancelled by L.B.G. due to holidays, weather or other reasons, will be rescheduled until the end of each session.

 10. All credits need to be used by the end of the following session or to the end of calendar season when membership expire. Credits will be nule if we do not receive a note within three weeks.

  11. L.B.G. offers a 5% family discount on the second child, and 10% for the third child applied to the lowest class cost. 

  12. London Beje Gymnastics reserve the rights to make changes without notice. 


 *London Beje Gymnastics may revise this Acceptable Policy from time to time and make changes without notice by posting a new version.